Bob McClain here, I’ve been a factory sales rep in the lighting business for over 30 years. During my career at Osram Sylvania and GE, I’ve seen very few things as creative as the new Illuminator fixture kit from Ideal Images. Every once in awhile something comes along that excites the imagination and this is it. This new fixture enables a car wash to provide advertising in the most unique way. It also strongly re-enforces the value added services such as “Hot Wax Being Applied”. Most importantly this lighting fixture creates “FUN”!!!! I strongly believe this will build repeat car wash traffic and enhance customer loyalty…..all while helping the car wash sell their valued added services. It’s rare something this clever comes along. It amazes me how much fun this was. I’ve been selling a long time and have never seen a more unique and beneficial lighting application than this one. Congratulations to Ideal on their new Illuminator fixture…Fantastic!
Bob McClain
Sales Specialist, Osram Sylvania Lighting
"We recently installed the Ideal Images Projection System. It's a unique, effective, and fun way to communicate with our customers as they travel through the car wash tunnel. The marketing possibilities are endless. We think it even adds value to our premium wash services with a professional, pleasantly unexpected "light show". We love it.....and so do our customers!"
Chip Burton
Top Shelf Car Wash, Deltona, Fl.
"Our guests love the projection on their windshields. They all want to know how it's done. They think it's magic." click here to view video
John Shullman
Express Car Wash, Deerfield Beach, FL
illuminator lighting system for car washes

The Illuminator is an In-Tunnel Car Wash Graphic Display system. The graphics can be custom logos, products or discounts. The possibilities are endless. The Graphics can display on the windshield for passengers or they can be projected on the side of the vehicle and are easily seen from viewing areas in your car wash. Click here for more product information.